Two of six roofs were quite old and would need replacing

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canada goose uk black friday I had to rely on my eyes on the ground (contractors, bank inspector, and property manager) good relationships are important.The property manager and I broke out construction into buckets:The 2 bedroom building: Some units still needed electric wiring completed, some needed plumbing and sheetrock, and all 7 units needed finishings.The four 3 unit building: Gutted to the studs on the inside and would be the biggest chunk of work (“the shell building”).The 1 bedroom building: Mostly occupied, with one vacancy.Other buildings: Mostly occupied, although units needed refreshing.Two of six roofs were quite old and would need replacing.I already had construction estimates from contractors prior to closing. I didn’t select the cheapest contractor, but his prices were reasonable and he was local (using someone local was important to try improving the reputation of the property). The challenge here was the majority of the units needed rehabbed when the contractors gave original estimates; however, the previous owner rehabbed and rented a few more units after estimates were given, so contractors now had a smaller scope of work cheap canada goose bomber and wanted to re bid on the project.Well, the contractor I liked now wanted much more money per unit so much more, it would have exceeded my original budget to renovate fewer units. canada goose uk black friday

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