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canada goose Reduction in per capita income would be comparable in Ireland to the UK, but for most EU countries the losses are estimated to be around 10 times lower.The report analysed the likely impact of Mrs May’s Brexit deal or a no deal withdrawal over the period to 2030, compared to the baseline projection of how the UK economy would develop under continued EU membership.Early December: Theresa May tours UK and G20 with two week “campaign” to sell her deal directly to the British public.11 December: A vote in the House of Commons on the deal.13 canada goose jacket black friday sale uk December: The last chance EU Council summit, where deal could come back for more negotiation.20 December: Parliament rises for its Christmas break. Final or ‘re run’ vote by MPs must be held before now. If it fails there could be no deal, or a general election, or a second EU referendum.26 January 2019: By this point Theresa May must return to canada goose uk telephone number Parliament and make a statement if she still has no agreement. canada goose

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