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Web Design with Bootstrap

Learn Web Design and Development From Professional web Developers

Web design and development is a globally recognized profession. In Bangladesh, the IT sector is expanding. There is huge demand of experts in this field.

Actually there is major different between web design and development. A web designer works with the outlook and appeal of the website. Basic tools of web designing are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Creativity and imagination are the prime quality of a web designer. On the other hand, a web developer develops the inner workings like the admin control panel of a site. PHP, dot-NET, Python, C, Ruby and other programming languages are necessary for web development. A web developer must be logical and focused on technical issues.



Course Fee – 8000 BDT (One to One Training)
Duration – 4 Months

Course Outline

1.1 Syllabus Review course content, resources and procedures
1.2 Subscribe to course calendar and Google + community
Designers Lounge: The Web Development Process
2.1 Files and Folders
2.2 Downloading Web Pages
2.3 Editing Code
2.4 Zipping Folders
3.1 Overview of HTML Tags
3.2 The HTML 5 Template
3.3 The Head
3.4 Formatting Content
Tidbit: The Coding Cycle
3.5 Compound Tags
3.6 Character Entities
3.7 Commenting and Formatting Code
3.8 Other HTML Tags
Designers Lounge: Universal Usability
4.1 Acquiring Images
Tidbit: Copyright, Copywrong, Creative Commons
4.2 Graphics File Formats
4.3 Editing Images
4.4 The img Tag
4.5 Absolute Links
4.6 Embedding Media
4.7 Relative Links
4.8 Validating Code
Designers Lounge: HTML5
12.1 Acquiring Images
Tidbit: Copyright, Copywrong, Creative Commons
12.2 Graphics File Formats
12.3 Editing Images
12.4 The img Tag
12.5 Absolute Links
12.6 Embedding Media
12.7 Relative Links
12.8 Validating Code
Designers Lounge: HTML5
Designers Lounge: Framework or CMS
6.1 Classes IDs Divs Spans
6.2 The Box
6.3 Boxes in Boxes
Designers Lounge: Whitespace and Paragraph Formatting
6.4 Styling Page Divisions
6.5 CSS Basics, Colors and Inline Styles
6.6 Inteternal Style Sheets and Basic Formatting
Tidbit: CSS3
6.7 Common Properties
Designers Lounge: Creating Effective Color Palettes
Designers Lounge: Google Chrome Developer Tools
7.1 Adding a Navigation Bar
7.2 Customizing a Navigation Bar
8.1 FTP and Web Servers
Designers Lounge: Website Critique
Designers Lounge: Favicons
9.1 Sections and Background Colors
9.2 Background Images
9.3 Adding a Navigation Bar
Tidbit: Typography
10.1 Adding a jQuery Animated Scrolling Effect
Designers Lounge: Coding
11.1 Explore Bootstrap Elements
11.2 Downloading Bootstrap
11.3 Downloading a Bootstrap Example
Tidbit: Bootstrap Themes and the Parallax Effect
11.4 Reviewing the Example Code
11.5 Replacing Page Content
11.6 Customizing the Design
Designers Lounge: Framework or CMS
Introduction to Bootstrap
Bootstrap Grid System
Bootstrap Grid System - Advanced.
Creating Layouts with Bootstrap
Bootstrap CSS - Understanding the CSS
CSS Customization / Skins
Responsive Web design with Bootstrap
Single Page Responsive site with Bootstrap
Introduction to LESS and SASS
Customizing Bootstrap3 with LESS
Bootstrap Plug-ins
Bootstrap Layout Components
Modal Transition Dropdown Scrollspy Tab Tooltip Popover Alert Button collapse Carousel Affix
Glyphicons Dropdowns Button Groups Button Dropdowns Input Groups Navs Navbar Breadcrumbs Pagination Labels Badges Jumbotron Page header Thumbnails
Alerts Progress bar Media object List group Panels Responsive embed Wells